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Construction and development

The investigation of machine tools and their components as well as the associated continuous further development of the components with the aim of extending the performance spectrum under defined boundary conditions are the main focus of research and development. The experimental and numerical investigation of the static, dynamic and thermal behaviour of the machine tool or a defined component is the main focus.

Schematische Darstellung einer am IWF entwickelten Hochleistungsspindel mit integrierter Messtechnik
Lupe [1]

Existing machine tool concepts are being further developed due to constant requirements, which are technically, economically and ecologically justified. The development of a modular machine tool concept for milling machines, which is built up with topology optimized modules, is currently taking place at the IWF. State-of-the-art communication technology ensures that the modules communicate with each other and inaccuracies of the modular frame are compensated by the use of innovative actuators.

Virtueller Prototyp einer modularen 3-achsigen Fräsmaschine
Lupe [2]

The dynamic properties of machine structures significantly influence the occurrence of vibrations in the machining process and thus the productivity and accuracy of a machine tool. At the IWF the metrological and numerical analysis of the dynamic process-structure behaviour is the focus of research.

The thermal behaviour also exerts a significant influence on the productivity and accuracy of a machine tool. Within the framework of the research activities of the IWF, the thermal behaviour of metal-cutting machine tools during spindle rotation, axis movement and the process itself is investigated in particular.

Numerisch ermittelte Temperaturverteilung und Verformung einer Fräsmaschine
Lupe [3]

Through close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK, research results are quickly and effectively transferred into industrial applications.

Structural Analysis

The investigation of the interaction between machine and structure is the focus of research and development in the Structural Analysis group. In particular in the field of safety engineering, novel materials and their possible applications are investigated. Basically the operation of a machine tool requires the safety of the operator. Separating protective devices represent effective protective elements. The investigation of interlocking protective devices is necessary due to the most different scenarios - bursting of a grinding wheel during the machining process or the breaking off of a clamping jaw during the milling process - which can occur during the operation of the machine tool. The variety and complexity of different test objects requires the use of suitable test equipment and adequate test specimens. At present, impact tests are carried out at the IWF with two air-operated testing devices. Due to the different geometries of both acceleration tubes the investigation of different components - from ice hockey puck to grinding wheel fragments - can be performed.

Lupe [4]

The establishment of innovative manufacturing processes, under the aspect of environmentally friendly and sustainable production, is the focus of research and further development of electromagnetic manufacturing processes. Due to the process-specific properties - high deformation rates - there are significant advantages in forming metallic materials (magnesium) and joining foreign materials (without additives). Within the scope of research and industrial projects, the process is continuously investigated and the tools (tool coil) are further developed.

Lupe [5]

Through close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK, research results are quickly and effectively transferred into industrial applications.

Research projects

Current research projects
Project title
Funding sponsor
Project information
Leichtbaufrässpindel (LeBauSpi) für den Einsatz bei der robotergeführten Zerspanung
Link [6]
Hochdynamische und genauigkeitsoptimierte Seilroboter für Anwendungen in der additiven Fertigung
Link [7]
Entwicklung und Herstellung optimierter Spulenwindungen für die elektromagnetische Umformung unter Einsatz additiver Fertigungsverfahren
Link [8]
Optimierung der Mikrofräsbearbeitung
Link [9]
Konzepte zur energieautarken Kühlung von Lineardirektantrieben
Link [10]
Probabilistische Betrachtung der Sicherheit trennender Schutzeinrichtungen an ortsfesten Schleifmaschinen
Link [11]


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