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Cutting Tool Technology

The group cutting tools of the Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management has placed a focus on the analysis and development of tools with geometrically defined cutting edges (e.g. turning, milling and drilling tools). Since 15 years a distinct expertise in the field of CVD diamond-coated tools consists, in which directives and standardization work (www.vdi.de [1]) has been conducted. Furthermore both research facilities IWF and the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films forming a cooperative research group (www.werkzeugbeschichtung.info [2]).

Lupe [3]
Lupe [4]

In addition to CVD diamond-coated tools cutting tools with hard coatings are optimized and developed for processing of difficult to cut materials. As an example nanocomposite coated CBN tools or HiPIMS-coated carbide tools are used for the machining of hardened steel. Furthermore a strong focus on cutting of fiber-reinforced plastics has been placed and a unique proficiency was developed. Therefore the institute is active in a couple of projects funded by the BMBF and BMWi, for example “ULTRASPAN, high-performance [5] cutting of difficult to cut materials through hybrid ultrasonic machining”. Hence, hybrid manufacturing technologies are combined with innovative tooling concepts for the machining of fiber-reinforced plastics (www.benchwerk.de [6]). Additional topics of the group cutting tools are the development of internally cooled tools and the simulation of cutting processes with the Finite-Element-Method and the Finite-Pointset-Method. In the course of the collaborative research centre 1026 “Sustainable Manufacturing” in collaboration with research partners of mathematics, product design, company management and economics sustainable production technologies has been developed (www.sustainable-manufacturing.net [7]).

Research projects

Current research projects
Project title
Funding sponsor
Project information
Analyse der Einflussgrößen auf die Haftung von CVD-Diamantdünnschichten an Hartmetallwerkzeugen
Link [8]
Einsatzverhalten mikrostrukturierter Werkzeugschneiden mit integrierter Schmiermittelzufuhr
Link [9]
Entwicklung niobcarbidbasierter Zerspanwerkzeuge sowie Untersuchung des Einsatzverhaltens im Zerspanprozess
Link [10]
Simulationsgestützte Analyse des Einflusses von Kühlschmierstoff auf den Zerspanungsprozess
Link [11]
Simulationsgestützte Entwicklung eines Hochleistungswerkzeugs auf Grundlage eines definierten Eigenspannungsprofils
mit anwendungsspezifischer Fertigungsstrategie (Alter-Stress)
Link [12]
Completed research projects
Project title
Funding sponsor
Project information
Untersuchung der Wirkmechanismen bei der Hartbearbeitung unter Anwendung von beschichteten PcBN-Werkzeugen (nanocom)
Link [13]
Diamant-Siliciumcarbid-Schichtsysteme für Zerspanungssysteme
Link [14]


Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Hinzmann
Tel.: +49 30 314-22903
Room PTZ 219
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