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Berliner Runde - The Machine Tool Colloquium

The Berliner Runde is postponed!

The current developments around SARS CoV-2 have prompted us to take this step.

The 15th Berliner Runde will take place on 18 and 19 March 2021.

With the aim of presenting innovative machine concepts in the field of machine tool engineering and promoting the exchange of knowledge between industry and research, the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK in cooperation with the Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Operation IWF organizes the annual Berlin Machine Tool Colloquium "Berliner Runde".


Announcement 15th Berliner Runde

New concepts for machine tools - Performance, high performance, top performance - what does the future hold?

The 15th Berliner Runde will take place on 18 and 19 March 2021 at the Produktionstechnisches Zentrum Berlin. In order to withstand the competitive pressure of shorter time-to-market with short product life cycles, a constant improvement in the productivity of machining systems is necessary. In its 15th edition, the Berliner Runde - the leading forum for machine tool manufacturers, suppliers and users - will therefore focus on the potential and challenges of high-performance machining. Topics include the development of new tools and machining strategies as well as the development of hybrid machining systems with maximum dynamic performance and integrated sensor technology. These allow for highest accuracies down to the nanometer range, which is particularly relevant for the production of optical systems. The components involved in the process are operated at their performance limits due to the greatly increased requirements, which is why safety-relevant topics are also brought into focus.

High-ranking speakers from machine tool construction, component manufacture and application will present current and future developments in the machine tool industry. Discuss with us which system and component solutions can set new impulses for high-performance machining and which safety-relevant consequences result from this. Take advantage of the opportunity to present your company and your products within the framework of an industrial exhibition.


The 15th Berliner Runde will take place on 18 and 19 March 2021 as a "lunch-to-lunch" event.

Please send the completed registration form

  • by e-mail to: further weiterbildung[at]ipk.fraunhofer.de
  • or by fax to: +49 30 39006-392
  • or by mail to: Fraunhofer IPK, Anja Kunack, Pascalstr. 8-9, 10587 Berlin

Flyer for the 15th Berliner Runde

Industrial exhibition

An accompanying industrial exhibition will be held in the test field of the Production Technology Centre as part of the Berliner Runde. Here companies have the opportunity to present themselves and their products to the interested trade public. Further information for exhibitors can be found in the information sheet for industrial exhibitors. 
The application for industrial exhibitors is possible .

Information material for exhibitors


Review 14th Berliner Runde 2019

Machine tools for micro and macro machining in the field of tension between accuracy and productivity

At the 14th Berliner Runde, 13 renowned speakers from industry and research presented current and future developments in machine tool construction under the main topic "Machine tools for micro and macro machining in the area of conflict between accuracy and productivity". The 120 participants also had the opportunity to inform themselves about current trends and innovations in the industry at the industrial exhibition.

Flyer for the 14th Berlin Runde

Extract from the conference paper


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